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In a poor country such as Cameroon, the majority of youg people cannot afford the costs of university. Also, for many different reasons (lack of infrastructure, poor computer literacy, etc.) very few people can take any advantage of the opportunities offered by ICT for further developing their education.

"It is sad to see young men who ought to be academic giants growing up as academic midgets, great doctors as patients, great managers as beggarly customers, and great politicians as militants. Looking at the emergence of online universities, particularly a tuition free online university like The University of the People (UoPeople) and many online courses of strategic importance that can inspire, activate, enlighten, motivate and equip our youth, we found a burning desire to realize of this project.." (Fai Yengo).

We invite financially challenged youths in Bamenda Cameroon, who have successfully completed high school, but cannot afford university, to contact us for further information on how we can help them get the desired degree.

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Latest news from the field

LOTI will now provide practical internet training

LOTI will now provide practical internet training for individual workers and business people every evening and Sunday afternoons.

Come to our offices in the white storey building opposite CAMPOST on Sonac street to discover how to link to a whole new world. Improve your computer skills to increase your options at work, school, and all
aspects of life.

The proceeds from these sessions will help LOTI continue to provide free training to young people who require computer literacy to access educational opportunities online.

For more information, contact us at 33 36 41 98 or 77 33 68 70.

The LOTI Team, May 2014

Leadership is alive in Bamenda

A leadership seminar held by LOTI and the DRIMP Foundation has united young leaders in Bamenda.

On Saturday 15th February, 30 young leaders from the Northwest Region of Cameroon gathered at LOTI's office to network and gather tips on how to succeed. The seminar was an opportunity for these leaders to get to know their peers and colleagues, sparking the seeds for future collaboration and mutual encouragement.

Participants heard from two leadership experts: Mr. Rogers Nforgwei and Mr. Fon Amos. Mr. Rogers Nforgwei is the Cambridge Representative in Cameroon, the President and Founder of NMI Education and the President and Founder of DRIMP Foundation, and Mr. Fon Amos, the General Manager of African Dream, is also involved with the Cameroon Centre for Microfinance Management and Entrepreneurship Development (CCEMMED).

They shared their experiences and offered suggestions on the qualities good leaders possess and the characteristics they should strive towards. Participants gained an understanding of the importance of being trustworthy and honest, self-confident but not arrogant, adaptable, assertive, and composed.The speakers also emphasized identifying the root cause of challenges and problems, instead of just addressing the symptoms.

The enthusiastic participation in this seminar by both the participants and the speakers demonstrates that leadership is alive and well among young people in Bamenda.

The LOTI Team, March 2014

Warmest welcome to our new volunteer

We’d like to welcome on board our newest member of the LOTI team, Leah Stuart-Sheppard, who joins us to support the daily on the ground activities.

Leah, who has a degree in International Development and Globalization from the University of Ottawa, has been in Cameroon for seven months interning at several organisations and will be with us part-time for the remainder of her stay.

We are very lucky to have Leah’s skills and experience whilst she works at our office in Bamenda, having previously focused on youth and education initiatives both in her community and abroad.

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The LOTI Team, March 2014

Climate Change is real!

Climate change is on the lips of every Cameroonian. If the cause and effects of climate change are seen from small things, then even the common man will become responsible and together we will support the stabilization of greenhouse gas. More about climate change in our Girls' Forum.

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