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"Hi LOTI, it is Emmanuel,
I just want to thank you for bringing up this brilliant idea for educating Cameroonians who are computer illiterates for there is a say that an illiterate is not only some one who not know how to read and write but a person who do not know how to work on a computer. Love you all." - Emmanuel Che

"Hello LOTI,
I wish to say Thank you for what you have done for me, but it is not only for me but for our people. I love LOTI because you have been faithful to me, and also you have been kind to everyone. I wish God will bless you for what you have been doing to everyone. I will never forget about LOTI. God Bless You LOTI." - Beltine Keng

I wish to inform you that I succeeded in GCE O level exams. I had four papers and I'm happy being a student in LOTI, in fact LOTI is bringing changes into the lives of many youths." - Nchadze Lucia