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Free IT Training in Bamenda

Since its creation, LOTI has provided basic IT training to youths in Bamenda, Cameroon. Targeting mainly out-of-school youths and young students, this training goes to expand their opportunities to getting a better education and general exposure in a significantly globalised world. LOTI uses this training program to introduce youths to education via the internet and to help them gain basic computer skills typically required in the job market.

The objectives of this IT training program are:
  • 1. To introduce youths in Bamenda to basic computer skills;
  • 2. To expose youths in Bamenda to the possibility of affordable online education;
  • 3. To help youths in Bamenda acquire basic computer skills necessary in the job market

Leadership Seminars
There are more and more non-profits, associations, fellowships and enterprises founded and built by youth leaders by the day, and LOTI sees a need for these young visionaries to master the art of leadership in their organisations and communities. LOTI organises leadership seminars in different town annually, bringing together youth leaders of different vocations and interests, to discuss pertinent leadership issues that affect both their organisations and the communities they live in.

These seminars have key note speakers of commendable report, and who show commendable leadership skills. This is a forum for youth leaders to learn from the best, and also create strong networks for sustainable development of Cameroon.

The objectives of these seminars are:

  • 1. To offer prime leadership teachings to young leaders in Cameroon;
  • 2. To encourage networking and partnership among the different youth leaders in Cameroon.

Erudition Program
In LOTI, we believe that the best way to build a man into an effective leader is to instil these qualities in him from a tender age, right unto maturity. The erudition program will enable us target a limited number of youths and build then from the elementary level to the level of career development. Underprivileged orphan children from different Cameroonian rural communities will be included in the program once in five years to be built as effective leaders, with a plough-back mentality driven in them to use what they achieve from the program to bring development to their community of origin. These fellows will be given full scholarships covering all the basic need of primary education up to high school, and given professional training in their area of interest.

The objectives of this program are:

  • 1. To ensure that leadership empowerment is not limited to those in the urban areas, but ensure that rural regions are exposed to tools for sustainable development and nation building;
  • 2. To build effective leaders in the less privileged in Cameroon, with a plough back mentality, ensuring that what they gain from the program will be shared in their communities of origin;
  • 3. To ensure that at least 8 youths from rural regions in Cameroon are trained and have a firm professional base after 16 years in the program.

Career Orientation
In partnership with the Africa Nova Centre for Democracy (ANCED), LOTI offers free career and personal development orientation to youths. This program is linked to the Free IT training we offer, better preparing the students we work with, and other interested youths to identify their purpose and properly chart the course of their lives. These seminars hold on the second and fourth Wednesdays of every month from 11am to 2pm.

Seed Fund Program
Every year, LOTI offers interest-free loans to at least 10 youths who have business plans and are in need of capital to finance their business. These loans range from 50,000CFAfrs to 200,000CFAfrs and will be expected to be repaid within a period of 12months, after the initial first two months of the business start-up. To be considered for our Seed Fund program, applicants should download and fill the application form [create link to an application form that can be edited], and send it along with their business plan to seedfund@loticameroon.org


In LOTI we offer free coaching to youths who desire to step out and dare to create their enterprises, associations or CIGs. We offer them, from our well of experts, practical advice and help them create the network they need to fulfil their purpose. We believe everyone is a leader and has a unique gift for the world. This program offers assistance to Cameroonian youths who have decided to take up the challenge and make a change in their communities. Schedule an appointment by contacting info@loticameroon.org